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The entry foyer plays an important role when you come to sell your house. It sets the mood for the rest of the showing.

When prospective buyers walk through the front door, they are looking straight ahead. What do they see? What do you want them to see?

• If the foyer leads to a living room with a view (of a lake, mountain, swimming pool, magnificent tree, etc), make a clear ‘path’ to this view. Remove any furnishings or distractions between the foyer and the view. Remember… sell a tree and the house goes free!

• If the foyer is self-contained or has a privacy wall, encourage prospective buyers to focus on something that is welcoming and sends the message that this is a quality residence. Clear away all clutter on the hall table. Display interesting artwork on the wall, a single vase of fresh flowers or foliage, or a bowl of fruit with colours that contrast with the colour scheme. (For instance, display a large bowl of oranges against a blue background.) Make sure there is nothing else to distract from this visual impact.

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