Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019



The living areas of a house include the lounge room, kitchen, dining room and family/TV room. While your furnishings and personal items express your lifestyle, remember that these areas must also appeal to others with perhaps very different choices in lifestyle and décor.

The main message these areas must convey to a prospective buyer is ‘comfort’.

• Make sure the rooms are not occupied during a showing. Nothing makes a prospective buyer more uncomfortable than trying to inspect a room while dad is watching the footy on TV or children are arguing.

• Have carpets shampooed and curtains cleaned so they are looking their very best.

• Clean walls, ceiling fans and light fittings – and anything else that quietly accumulates dust and fluff!

• Remove all personal trinkets, unnecessary furnishings and decorations, and all but the most basic or most comfortable furniture. Keep it simple – and in doing so, you make the living areas look larger.

• Put away personal photographs, however one or two sports ‘action’ images can add interest to a room.

• Place fresh flowers or healthy potted plants throughout the living areas.

• A well stocked bookcase of well bound books provides depth to a room, but don’t overdo it.

• Clear the coffee table of books, old catalogues and other reading material. Replace them with a single (and current) newspaper or magazine.

• Play soft music during a showing to set a mood of ‘good living’.

• Emphasise the ‘togetherness’ theme in a TV room. Add a big jar of jellybeans for a splash of colour or leave a board game in view.

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