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Golden Rules To buying a Home part 2

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Your house at a glance

First impressions count! So do potential buyers see what you no longer notice (like cobwebs and mossy paths)?

Dirt, dust and mould simply make a house look like lots of hard work – and this is not a good message to send, especially if potential buyers are feeling a little weary after hours of inspecting houses.

Stand on the footpath and critically look at your house. Before a showing, you may need to spend time and effort, rather than money, on improvements…

• Wash windows, exterior walls and concreted or tiled areas.

• Clean the windows and their timber or aluminium surrounds.

• Repair broken fence palings or drooping gates.

• Give a lick of paint to the fence, front gate, front door and windows – but always check that you don’t leave paint droplets all over the ground or stuck to glass panes.

• Straighten the letterbox, or replace it with a new one. If fact, make sure everything in the garden is level!

• Make your garden look like a resort! Trim hedges, trees and grass (including the footpath). Weed flower beds and reseed worn areas of lawn. Remove grass or weeds growing in concrete cracks. Trim dead branches and leaves.

• Use potted plants in the garden and on the front patio (and the best part is, you can take them with you when you sell!).

• Add bowls of water in the garden to float a single flower like a frangipani or hibiscus.

• Remove any clutter (like umbrellas or jumbles of shoes) lying near the front door.

• Tie up your dog or send it on an outing or ‘holiday’ with friends while you show the house. (Remember that not everyone likes dogs – and these people like doggy odour even less!)

• Sweep leaves from the patio and paths.

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