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Golden Rules of Buying a Home

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Before you welcome a prospective buyer into your home, follow these
‘golden rules’:
• Make sure all members of the family are out of the house. It’s
important that people viewing your house don’t feel they are
intruding. During a showing, confine family members to an outside
activity like playing in the pool or working on a project in the yard. It’s
important that no-one appears anxious to get back inside the house.
• Always allow a prospective buyer to walk into a room ahead of you
(or the agent). Too many people in a room make the room look
smaller – so stand in the doorway or hall while the room is being
• Allow freedom of movement in a room. Remove all unnecessary
furniture and personal belongings. It’s easier for buyers to visualise
their own furnishings in an uncluttered room.
• Choose a showing time that is best for your house, not for you. In
winter, show the house when it is warmest (between 11am to 2pm).
If it’s hot, arrange a showing in the coolest parts of the day. Dress
to complement the weather and your home. This portrays a lifestyle
that someone else may wish to buy!
• Make sure your house is free of pests such as mice, spiders and
cockroaches. Vermin and creepy-crawlies are a real turnoff!
• Create a ‘home with a soul’. Maybe it’s an unfinished ‘work of art’ in
the study or an unusual restoration project in the garage or shed?
• Always present your property’s credentials (Title Plan, Registered
Plan, etc) including advice about any structures that are not council
approved. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings, a collapsed
sales contract or claims of misrepresentation.
• Neutralize odours before a showing (especially if you have pets).

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