MEN-struation week - Matt from Prism Studios

Meet Matt. Matt owns Prism Studios and is our next feature guy in our MEN-struation week special where we highlight the men behind the scenes at MPP who donate their time and talents to help this charity run as effectively as it does.

Matt is a videographer and donated his time to MPP by following us around the streets taking video shots of what we do at the warehouse and turning that footage into two quality videos we used in grant proposals that we actually went on to win! One of them being for our new van!

Matt came to us through a friend of a friend, said he just wanted to help out and not only spent hours trailing behind us with his camera and filming at the warehouse, but also donated countless more hours editing the footage to get 3-4 drafts and finally two amazing finished videos that helped us win the grants.

Matt is now working with us on our next project and still loves us despite me cancelling or rescheduling many meetings and phone hook ups and getting myself so lost on the way to one particular meeting that he had to call me and literally guide me step by step on the phone to the meeting place. Talk about patience of a Saint!

Thanks so much for all your help and support, Matt. We owe our new van to you and the time you so generously donated and can't wait to miss more meetings but eventually get there and finish more projects ;)

If anyone needs a great videographer, contact Matt through Prism Studios!