MEN-struation week - Nude Dudes Candles

This week is MEN-struation week!

We're going to be highlighting the men in our lives who support menstruation and the homeless period.

There are quite a few fellas behind the scenes who aren't shy of a tampon and do a lot of great work to help us out at MPP. We think they deserve a little credit.

To start off, we're thrilled to be the chosen charity for Nude Dudes Candles for the months of January to March.

Nude Dudes Candles will be donating 10% of all sales during these months to support the work we do at MPP. Ryan and Chris not only created the 'Mandle' (Man Candle ;)), they also bring a bit of manliness to menstruation, smashing the gender stereotypes in both arenas. Stay tuned for some fun fundraiser days coming up!

So, if there's a man in your life who you just know loves candles, get on over to and buy him a 'Mandle', knowing that you're also helping support people experiencing homelessness at the same time.

The Nude Dudes new Valentines Day scent will be reveled soon!

Massive thanks to the Nude Dudes Candles for their support.