Five Reasons You Should Not Help the Homeless.

1. You have some old ripped threadbare clothes you’d like to throw out and you just know the homeless are desperate for anything: No, they’re not. Just like you and I, people experiencing homelessness also like to wear clothes that don’t look like they’ve been dragged backwards through the mud. They also like their clothes not to have holes in them, old dogs sleeping on them, moths chewing on them or mould growing off them. And they also like elastic that works. So, if you have old threadbare clothes, ripped, torn, smelly clothes, throw them out.

Welcome to Melbourne Period Project

The hope of the Melbourne Period Project is to provide care, support and sanitary products for homeless women.

Imagine the humiliation, pain and fear that women experience when they’re sleeping rough and their period arrives. They often have nothing. Imagine having to ask a stranger for sanitary products, even if that stranger is there to help