Beauty On Your Own Terms (Thanks Raff)

If you're not already following Raff over at Beauty On Your Own Terms ( - BOYOT, you should be!

Raff is wearing make up every day for the month of May, to 'raise awareness of a persons right to feel beautiful on their own behalf.'

While doing so, Raff is blogging his journey and also raising money for MPP, which of course we are thrilled about. Only three days in and BOYOT has already raised enough to supply a Period Pack to 16 women experiencing homelessness. This is incredible!

Street Stories: Alice

Street Stories: Alice

We met Alice the other night when we were doing outreach. She was sitting on the pavement with her few possessions, outside a busy pub. Alice looked around 55, very slight build, her face lined with crevices and wrinkles that made her seem as though the years had always been hard for her.

I didn’t spot Alice initially. It was the man standing in front of her that made me stop and take notice. The man in the business suit, with the neat tie and well polished shoes. The man who reached into his pocket, pulled out some coins and looked at them.